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Invited speaker: Professor Constantin Meis

National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology, France

Professor Constantin Meis studied physics at the University of Paris-7 where he obtained in 1983 the “Maitrise de Physique”, with specialization in Atomic and Nuclear Physics. Then he got the Master Degree (DEA) in Atomic Physics and Quantum Optics at University Paris Sud (Orsay) in 1984. He is holder of a PhD in Atomic Physics obtained also at Paris Sud (Orsay) University in 1988 and of a HDR (Director of Researches empowerment) obtained at Marseille University in 2003. He started his career as physicist at the CEA – Saclay in 1988 where he worked on theoretical studies and computational modelling of the electromagnetic waves behavior in magnetized plasmas until 1998. Then he participated in the program of nuclear waste disposal by working on atomic scale simulations (DFT and Molecular Dynamics). In 2001 he took the head of the Physics and Materials Unit of the National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (INSTN) where he became Professor.

He actually still serves at the INSTN as professor and operation manager near the director and he is appointed as an international expert of the CEA. Since a few years he is involved in the theoretical studies in Quantum Electrodynamics related to the vector potential quantization of the electromagnetic field. He has advanced innovative elaborations on the non-local simultaneous wave-particle mathematical representation of the single photon state and its relationship to the quantum vacuum. He has done roughly a hundred publications and international communications and he is the author of the book “Light and Vacuum” 2nd Edition, edited by World Scientific

You can visit Professor Constantin Meis’s personal webpage here.

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