Proceedings contents

  1. Mathematical modeling of polymer flooding using unstructured Voronoi grid
    Bulgakova G.
  2. Effect of surface condition on oxidation kinetics of Ni-base superalloy
    Nowak W.
  3. A new algorithm to sovle nonlocal nonlinear Schrodinger equation
    Guo Q.
  4. Physical Description of Image Conception
    Roth Y.
  5. Dissipative gravitational bouncer on a vibrating surface
    Espinoza-ortiz J. , Lagos R.
  6. Quantized Vector Potential and the Photon Wave-function
    Meis C. , Dahoo P.
  7. Understanding dynamics of Martian winter polar vortex with ”improved” moist-convective shallow water model
    Zeitlin V.
  8. Correction to the Wills-Harrison approach: Influence on the Fe-based liquid alloys thermodynamics
    Dubinin N.
  9. Diffusion of neutrons in the toroidal nuclear electrogenerator
    Tertychny-dauri V.
  10. Explanation of Rotation Curves in Galaxies and Clusters of Them, by Generalization of Schwarzschild Metric and Combination with MOND, eliminating Dark Matter
    Vossos S. , Vossos E.
  11. Accelerated procedure to solve kinetic equation for neutral atoms in a hot plasma
    Tokar M.
  12. Numerical Procedure for Modeling of Light Emitting Diode with Mesh-Like Electrode
    Nishidate Y.
  13. Identification of environment symmetry for iron centers in aluminosilicates by EPR
    Apushkinskiy E. , Popov B. , Romanov V. , Saveliev V. , Sobolevskiy V.
  14. RMC refinements of 3D local atomic structures using multiple data sets: achievements and challenges.
    Krayzman V.
    Arutyunov A. , Belyaev A. , Inovenkov I. , Nefedov V.
  16. Lorenz curves in a new science-funding model
    Huang D.
  17. Restoration of valence density of states from XPS spectra
    Krasavin A. , Kashurnikov V. , Zhumagulov Y.
  18. Calculation of electron density of states for ensemble of gold nanoclusters
    Zhumagulov Y. , Kashurnikov V. , Krasavin A.
  19. Crossover to first-order transition in XY model due to higher-order interactions
    Zukovic M.
  20. Generalized logistic map and its application in chaos based cryptography
    Lawnik M.
  21. Magnetic reconnection in terms of catastrophe theory
    Inovenkov I. , Echkina E. , Nefedov V.
  22. Applicability of the lattice Boltzmann method to determine the ohmic resistance in equivalent resistor connections
    Espinoza-andaluz M.
  23. Accurate Analytic Approximation to the Modified negative fractional order Bessel function I−2/3(x) ( P. Martin ,J.Olivares and F. Maass )
    Martin P.
  24. Gauge symmetries for a coupled Korteweg-de Vries system
    Restuccia A. , Sotomayor A.
  25. Approximate Bayesian Computation applied to Metrology for Nuclear Safeguards
    Burr T. , Norman C. , Krieger T.
  26. Application of the multicriterion optimization techniques and hierarchy of computational models to the research of ion acceleration due to laser-plasma interaction
    Echkina E. , Inovenkov I. , Nefedov V. , Ponomarenko L.
  27. Computer simulation of population dynamics inside the urban environment
    Andreev A. , Echkina E. , Inovenkov I. , Nefedov V. , Ponomarenko L. , Tikhomirov V.
  28. A mathematical model for the occurrence of historical events
    Ohnishi T.
  29. Modeling of multidimensional light bullets in Fermi liquid and ADS/CFT correspondence
    Konobeeva N.
  30. A model of jam formation in congested traffic
    Bunzarova N.
  31. Simple method to improve comb frequency characteristic in passband and folding bands
    Jovanovic dolecek G.
  32. Finding exact constants in a Markov model of Zipf’s law generation
    Bochkarev V. , Lerner E. , Nikiforov A. , Pismenskiy A.
  33. Structural characterization of nano and micro-fractals using lacunarity analisys and small-angle scattering.
    Slyamov A.
  34. Simulation of small-angle scattering patterns using a CPU-efficient algorithm
    Anitas E.
  35. Small-angle scattering from 3D Sierpinski tetrahedron generated using chaos game
    Slyamov A.
  36. Mathematical model of highways network optimization
    Sakhapov R. , Nikolaeva R. , Gatiyatullin M. , Makhmutov M.
  37. Modeling of traction-coupling properties of wheel propulsor
    Sakhapov R. , Nikolaeva R. , Makhmutov M. , Gatiyatullin M.
  38. The Wang Landau parallel algorithm for the simple grids. Optimizing OpenMPI parallel implementation.
    Kussainov A.
  39. On the natural small vibrations of dislocation in an isotropic medium
    Dezhin V. , Bataronov I.
  40. Numerical and approximate calculation of the generalized susceptibility matrix elements of dislocation segment in nondissipative crystal
    Dezhin V. , Bataronov I.
  41. Models of evaluation of public joint-stock property management
    Yakupova N. , Levachkova S. , Absalyamova S. , Kvon G.
  42. Finsler Geometry Modeling of Orientation Asymmetric Surface Model for Membranes
    Koibuchi H.
  43. Mathematical modeling of precipitation
    Yoshio S. , Tsuchioka K. , Maki K.
  44. Network structures sustained by internal links and distributed lifetime of old nodes in stationary state of number of nodes
    Ikeda N.
  45. Propagation of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays from Galactic Sources in a Fractal Interstellar Medium and Origin Studies
    Davoudifar P. , Rowshan tabari K.
    Maksimov A.
  47. EFFECT OF THICKNESS ON THE MAGNITUDE OF SPONTANEOUS POLARIZATION IN THIN FERROELECTRIC FILMS © O.G.Maksimova., O.S.Baruzdina, E.A.Maksimova Cherepovets State University,Cherepovets,Russia E-mail:
    Maksimova O.
  48. Numerical simulation in nonlinear dynamic systems with retiming of motions of individual components
    Apushkinskaya D. , Apushkinskiy E.
  49. Correlated electron dynamics in the parallel and antiparallel spin states of simple confined electron systems
    Sako T.
  50. Dual Energy Tomosynthesis breast phantom imaging
    Koukou V. , Martini N. , Fountos G. , Messaris G. , Michail C. , Kandarakis I. , Nikiforidis G.
  51. First-principles analysis of polaron absorptions in alkali tungsten bronzes
    Yoshio S. , Machida K. , Maki K. , Adachi K.
  52. Statistical homogeneity tests applied to large data sets from high energy physics experiments
    Trusina J. , Franc J. , Kus V.
  53. Data collection system for a wide range of gas-discharge proportional neutron counters
    Oskomov V. , Sedov A. , Saduyev N. , Kenzhina I. , Kenzhina I. , Tautaev E. , Mukhamejanov Y. , Dyachkov V. , Utey S.
  54. Numerical Simulation of a device with two Spin Crossover: Application for Temperature and Pressure sensors
    Linares J. , Allal S. , Dahoo P. , Garcia Y.
  55. Mathematical modelling of elementary trapping-modification processes in positron-electron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy
    Shpotyuk Y. , Cebulski J. , Ingram A. , Shpotyuk O.
  56. Kinetics models describing degradation-relaxation effects in nanoinhomogeneous substances
    Shpotyuk O. , Balitska V. , Brunner M.
  57. Investigation of humidity using the muon component of cosmic rays
    Oskomov V. , Sedov A. , Saduyev N. , Kenzhina I. , Kenzhina I. , Naurzbayeva A. , Alimgazinova N. , Zhumabaev A. , Shinbulatov S. , Erezhep N.
  58. Local mean field approximation applied to the Ising-like model for 2D Spin Crossover nanoparticles
    Allal S. , Linares J. , Boukheddaden K. , Dahoo P.
  59. Edge Effect on Nanoparticles of an Interconnect Alloy from the ABV Model
    Saada C. , Dahoo P. , Linares J. , Merzouki T. , Pougnet P. , El hami A.
  60. On efficiency of fire simulation realization: parallelization with greater number of computational meshes
    Valasek L.
  61. Simulation of the process of thermalization of a weakly interacting Bose gas by kinetic equations
    Kuznetsov I.
  62. To the problem of decomposition of initial-boundary-value problems in mechanics
    Nikabadze M.
  63. Helical inward convection in toroidal magnetized plasmas
    Vlad M. , Spineanu F.
  64. Fake images detection using neural networks
    Maslennikova Y. , Korchagin I.
  65. Electrically induced shear flows of liquid crystals confined to porous polymer films for THz application
    Shmeliova D. , Pasechnik S. , Semina O. , Dubtsov A. , Tsvetkov V. , Trifonov S.
  66. A cryptographic hash function based on chaotic network automata
    Machicao J. , Bruno O.
  67. Modeling the assessment of the economic factors impact on the development of social entrepreneurship
    Absalyamov T. , Kundakchyan R. , Zulfakarova L. , Zapparova Z.
  68. Quasi-coherent structures and flows in turbulent transport
    Vlad M. , Spineanu F.
  69. On damping of an edge dislocation vibrations in a dissipative crystal: limiting cases
    Dezhin V.
  70. Data re-arranging techniques leading to proper variable selections in high energy physics
    Kus V. , Bour P.
  71. The Use of Modeling for Teaching Exponential Functions
    Nunes L. , Bomfim prates D. , Da silva J.
  72. Hydrodynamic instabilities at decay flow of nematic liquid crystals through the plane capillary of a variable gap.
    Shmeliova D. , Pasechnik S. , Girgidov A. , Maksimochkin G.
    Rakhmatullina D. , Akhmetshina E. , Ignatjeva O.
  74. Group classification of third order equations from the Riccati and Abel chain.
    Ndogmo J.
  75. Semantic similarity and analysis of the word frequency dynamics
    Maslennikova Y. , Bochkarev V. , Svetovidov A.
  76. Modelling Plane Geometry: the connection between Geometrical Visualization and Algebraic Demonstration
    Pereira L. , Faragó jardim D. , Da silva J.
  77. Using Mathematical Models to Teach Functions to Secondary Students
    Nepomucena T. , Da silva A. , Faragó jardim D. , Da silva J.
  78. Was Polchinski wrong?Disributional Rindler spacetime with Levi-Cività connection induced a strong vacuum dominance. Unruh effect revisited.
    Foukzon J.
  79. Modelling the dynamics of multipartite quantum systems created departing from two-level systems using general local and non-local interactions
    Delgado F.
  80. On the degeneracy of barrier options
    Ndogmo J.
  81. Investigating CH4 Thermal Activation in Clathrate Nano-cages
    Lakhlifi A. , Dahoo P. , Meis C. , Gale J.
    Melas E.
  83. Design of Oscillator Networks for Generating Signal with Prescribed Statistical Property
    Yanagita T.
  84. Methods of verification of compliance with an asymptotically power law
    Belashova I. , Bochkarev V. , Tyurin V.
  85. The continuous-time quantum walk with transition moments of the Gaussian distribution as a mathematical model of rotational excitation in molecules by an optical pulse
    Matsuoka L. , Lavička H.
  86. Simple model of optical diffuser using Mie scattering
    Synooka O.
  87. Object recognition of real targets using modelled SAR images
    Zherdev D.
  88. Evaluation of the implementation of entrepreneurial potential (on the example of the Republic of Tatarstan)
    Rakhmatullina D. , Guzelbaeva G. , Akhmetshina E.
  89. Hadronization via gravitational confinement
    Vayenas C.
  90. Dynamics of nanoparticle concentration in nanofluids under laser light field
    Krishtop V. , Vinogradova P. , Livashvili A. , Kostina G. , Bryukhanova T.
  91. The Use of Logistic Model in RUL Assessment
    Gumiński R.
  92. Quantum field theory in Snyder space
    Mignemi S.
  93. Honeycomb lattice heat capacity with long-range and short-range interactions
    Andriushchenko P.
  94. An analytic relation between the fractional parameter in the Mittag-Leffler function and the chemical potential in the Bose-Einstein distribution through the analysis of the NASA COBE monopole data
    Suzuki N.
  95. Generalized Bell states maps physical systems' quantum evolution into a grammar for quantum information processing
    Delgado F.
  96. Modeling of the dependence of magnetic elastomer’s deformation on the magnetic field
    Solodkiy D.
  97. Geometry from stomata networks at leaves of the Ctenanthe oppenheimiana.
    Antunes H. , Machicao J. , Bruno O.
  98. QKD optical scheme calibration system
    Kurochkin V. , Duplinskiy A. , Kanapin A. , Ustimchik V. , Kurochkin Y.
  99. Modelling of pulsed electron beam induced graphite ablation: Sublimation versus melting.
    Ali M. , Henda R.
  100. Approximate Bayesian Computation in the estimation of the parameters of the Forbush decrease model.
    Wawrzynczak-szaban A. , Kopka P.
  101. An analysis of the influence of production conditions on the development of the microporous structure of the activated carbon fibres using the LBET method
    Kwiatkowski M.
  102. An analysis of burn-off impact on the structure microporous of activated carbons formation
    Kwiatkowski M.
  103. Modeling Interdisciplinary Notion “Substance” with Information Model
    Gnitetskaya T. , Ivanova E. , Kovalchuk N. , Shutko Y. , Dubovaya L. , Karnaukhova E.
  104. Modeling the Interdisciplinary in the Process of Training Physics
    Gnitetskaya T. , Ivanova E. , Dubovaya L. , Shutko Y. , Kovalchuk N. , Karnaukhova E.
  105. Impact of telecommunication technologies on the middle class formation
    Khusnullova A. , Absalyamova S. , Sakhapov R. , Mukhametgalieva C.
  106. Conservation laws of the Hirota-Maxwell-Bloch system and its reductions
    Shaikhova G. , Yesmakhanova K. , Bekova G. , Ybyraiymova S.
  107. Geometric plasticity at leaves from Ctenanthe oppenheimiana probed by measure of distances between stomata.
    Antunes de almeida filho H. , Machicao J. , Bruno O.
  108. On the decomposition of modular multiplicative inverse operators via a new functional algorithm approach to Bachet's--Bezout's Lemma
    Cortés-vega L.
  109. The linear response function of a screw dislocation in a ferroelectrics
    Dezhin V.
  110. Behavior of the solution of the Cauchy problem for an inhomogeneous hyperbolic equation with periodic coefficients
    Matevossian H. , Vestyak A.
    De la sen M.
  112. Determination of velocities of wave propagation in some media through the eigenvalues of the material tensors
    Matevossian H. , Nikabadze M. , Ulukhanian A.
  113. Hipergeometric solutions to some nonhomogeneous equations of fractional order
    Olivares funes J. , Martin P. , Maass F.
  114. Enhancement of the space of solutions of the kinetic-conformal Horava theory
    Sotomayor A. , Restuccia A. , Bellorín J.
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