7th International Conference on Mathematical Modeling in Physical Sciences

August 27-31, 2018
Moscow, Russia

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Proceedings contents

  1. A relativistic bouncer on a vibrating surface
    Espinoza-Ortiz J. , Lagos R.
  2. Animations and interactive creations of linear differential equations of the first order: The case of GeoGebra
    Olivares J. , Valero E.
  3. Schwarzschild-de Sitter black hole in canonical quantization
    Ghaffarnejad H.
  4. Approximate Bayesian Computation applied to Metrology for Nuclear Safeguards
    Burr T.
  5. Unification of Newtonian Physics with Einstein Relativity Theory by using Generalized Metrics of Complex Spacetime and application to the Motions of Planets and Stars, eliminating Dark Matter
    Vossos S. , Vossos E.
  6. A biomechanical model for the idiopathic scoliosis using robotic traction devices
    Fialho J.
  7. Was Polchinski wrong? Colombeau distributional Rindler space-time with distributional Levi-Cività connection induced vacuum dominance. Unruh effect revisited.
    Foukzon J. , Men’kova E. , Potapov A. , Podosenov S.
  8. On a Behavior of Trajectories of a Certain Family of Cubic Dynamic Systems in a Poincare Circle
    Andreeva I. , Andreev A.
  9. Quantum Like Measurements in Biological Systems
    Roth Y.
  10. Recurrent neural networks as approximators of non-linear filters operators
    Solovyeva E.
  11. Relationship between the international universities rankings and indexes of a country's innovation development
    Absalyamova S. , Ivanova N. , Mukhametgalieva C. , Khusnullova A.
  12. Mechanism of the high-viscosity water shut-off baffle formation in vertical production wells
    Ilyasov A. , Bulgakova G. , Kireev T.
    Jovanovic Dolecek G.
  14. Pressure pulse propagation in a double-layered elastic tube with viscoelastic liquid
    Levitsky S. , Bergman R.
  15. Comparison between two interpolation methods: Kriging and EPH
    Berton G.
  16. Relativistic rotation --- how does the energy vary with angular momentum?
    Guemez J. , Fiolhais M. , Fernandez L.
  17. Combined logistic and tent map
    Lawnik M.
  18. The solution of private problems of optimization for heating systems
    Melekhin A.
  19. Modeling of regional transport and logistics systems
    Sakhapov R. , Gatiyatullin M. , Regina N. , Makhmutov M.
  20. Modeling quantum information dynamics achieved with time-dependent driven fields in the context of universal quantum processing
    Delgado-Cepeda F. , Rodriguez-Aleman S.
  21. Application of a hybrid model for the numerical study of the generation of runaway electrons during the formation of nanosecond and sub-nanosecond high-pressure gas discharge
    Lisenkov V.
  22. Multilevel FE-modelling and dissipation mechanisms for penetration processes in multilayer aramid fabrics of various weaving.
    Beliaev A. , Beliakova T. , Chistyakov P. , Inyukhin A. , Kostyreva L. , Mossakovsky P.
  23. Fundamentals of the theory of compressible oscillating ether
    Magnitskii N.
  24. The problems of determining the fair value of intellectual property in the structure of assets of financial institutions
    Chirkova P. , Shkolik O. , Chirkova L.
  25. Software package StarkD for calculating atomic emission spectra in an alternating electric field
    Koryukina E.
  26. On the Discretization of Continuous-Time Chaotic Systems for Digital Implementations
    Zaher A.
  27. Design of Model-Based Gain Scheduling Controllers for Nonlinear Systems
    Zaher A.
  28. A suitable width of a channel flow for obtaining the velocity profiles by using the Lattice Boltzmann method
    Espinoza-Andaluz M. , Andersson M.
  29. Slow Viscous Flow in a Microchannel with Similar and Different Superhydrophobic Walls
    Ageev A. , Osiptsov A.
  30. Factor analysis of personal consumption in a modern welfare economy
    Rakhmatullina D. , Akhmetshina E. , Safiullina A.
  31. Classical and ab initio molecular dynamics simulation of p-coumaric acid in methanol-modified supercritical carbon dioxide
    Gurina D.
  32. Optimal Structural Design of a Circular Cylindrical Ridge Wave Ultrasonic Motor
    Yu T.
  33. Mathematical Modeling of rubber elasticity
    Koibuchi H. , Bernard C. , Chenal J. , Diguet G. , Sebald G. , Cavaille J. , Takagi T. , Chazeau L.
  34. Optical density of testing aerosol and fire smoke in a road tunnel with longitudinal ventilation: comparison by FDS6
    Weisenpacher P. , Glasa J. , Valasek L.
  35. Multiparametric families of solutions to the Johnson equation.
    Gaillard P.
  36. Entropy-driven pattern formation in two-dimensional systems of hard rods
    Ulyanov M. , Smetanin Y. , Shulga M. , Eserkepov A. , Tarasevich Y.
  37. Mathematical modeling of Laser Active Radiometry in application to Non-Destructive Testing
    Semerok A. , Fomichev S.
  38. Regularity and Uniqueness of Weak Solutions of the Damped Navier-Stokes Equations with Variable Exponents
    Kim Y.
  39. The influence of magnetic field on convection in an inclined ferrofluid layer heated from below
    Pham K. , Suslov S.
  40. Mathematical Modeling of Intra Soil Moisture Condensation In Frozen Ground
    Permyakov P. , Zhirkov . , Zheleznyak N.
  41. Universal graded Hopf algebra and classical mechanics
    Kalnitsky V.
  42. Shock Focusing upon Interaction with Heavy Gas Bubble of Different Density
    Sutyrin O. , Georgievskiy P. , Levin V.
  43. On structural and phase transitions in aluminum alloys
    Rudaev Y. , Kitaeva D.
  44. Features of a high-latitude ionospheric parameters modeling
    Maltseva O.
  45. About application of NURBS to monitoring of operational risk of long distance pipelines
    Galakhar A.
  46. MHD flow in a circular pipe with arbitrarily conducting slipping walls
    Senel P. , Tezer-Sezgin M.
  47. Parameter Identification in MHD Duct Flow Cauchy Problem using the DRBEM
    Tezer-Sezgin M. , Aydin C.
  48. Geometry of the pore space and dynamic of pore and cracked media deforming
    Sibiryakov B.
  49. Modeling of global and regional climate response to solar radiation management
    Parkhomenko V.
  50. Fully coupled numerical simulation techniques for 3D hydraulic fracturing
    Borisov V. , Ivanov A. , Kritskiy B. , Menshov I. , Ramazanov M. , Savenkov E.
  51. Quasihomogeneous Infinite Systems of Linear Algebraic Equations
    Fedorov F. , Pavlov N. , Buskarova O. , Potapova S.
  52. Mathematical modeling of the autowave diffraction in a cell with a magnetic fluid
    Kandaurova N. , Chekanov V. , Chekanov V. , Shevchenko M.
  53. On the mixed approximation type pressure correction method for incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
    Evstigneev N. , Ryabkov O.
  54. Scaling properties of fractal-like structures
    Ryzhikova Y. , Mukhartova I. , Ryzhikov S.
  55. Semi-analytical modelling of the forward and inverse problems in photoacoustic tomography of a femtosecond laser filament in water accounting for refraction and acoustic attenuation
    Potemkin F. , Mareev E. , Rumiantsev B. , Bychkov A. , Karabutov A. , Cherepetskaya E. , Makarov V.
  56. Free Boundary Method for Calculating Compressible Viscous Flows on Unfitted Meshes
    Menshov I. , Pavlukhin P.
  57. Software Application and Algorithm Designed for Power Systems Equipment and Network Construction Optimization
    Frigura-Iliasa M. , Frigura-Iliasa F. , Mirica M. , Novaconi S. , Dolga L. , Filipescu H.
  58. Computer simulation of derivative market using Black-Scholes model
    Dymochkin P. , Inovenkov I. , Nefedov V. , Ponomarenko L.
  59. A New Algorithm for Solving Environmental Issues in Power Engineering
    Iacobici N. , Frigura-Iliasa F. , Frigura-Iliasa M. , Musuroi S. , Andea P. , Balcu F.
  60. Development of information technologies and algorithms for generation of block-structured adaptive grids in complex domains
    Dimitrienko Y. , Zakharov A.
  61. To the Linearization Problem for Single-Input Control Affine Systems
    Fetisov D.
  62. Modeling of High-Speed Motor Drive Systems Considering Two Kinds of Vibrations
    Kuroki S. , Liu K. , Mizuno T. , Yang X. , Zhang C.
  63. Rotating waves in a spatially nonlocal delayed feedback optical system with diffraction
    Budzinskiy S. , Romanenko T.
    Igumnov L. , Metrikin V. , Zaythev M.
  65. Structural stability in the model of spatial economy
    Gerasimov S. , Inovenkov I.
  66. RKDG method solution for hyperbolic hyperelastic model
    Alekseev M. , Savenkov E. , Voronin F.
  67. Numerical simulation of multiphase flows within complex domains with wetting effects
    Balashov V. , Savenkov E.
  68. A Pure Mathematical Argument for Finiteness of Velocity of Material Objects
    Matveev V.
  69. Tree topology analysis of the arterial system model
    Kopylova V. , Boronovskiy S. , Nartsissov Y.
  70. The model of dynamic mechanical behavior of brittle solids based on kinetic theory of strength
    Grigoriev A. , Shilko E. , Psakhie S.
  71. On the flat strong discontinuities in incompressible polymeric liquids
    Semenko R. , Blokhin A.
  72. Quadrator Multi-model for Control Purposes
    Grau A. , Bolea Y. , Sanfeliu A. , Moyano S.
  73. Numerical model and procedure for spectral analysis of light-emitting diode with patterned electrode
    Nishidate Y.
  74. Magnetorheological bio-suspensions membranes: Influence of magnetic flux density on the electrical conductivity and relative dielectric permittivity
    Bica I.
  75. Inexact matrix exponential preconditioner for implicitly restarted Arnoldi method in fluid dynamics stability problems for parallel heterogeneous architecture
    Evstigneev N.
  76. Theoretical Study of Light Emission in Europium-Chelate-Doped Polymer Optical Fibers
    García-Ramiro M. , Arrue J. , Illarramendi M. , Jimenez F. , Zubia J.
  77. Modeling an experiment to measure the speed of gravity: optimization of the quadrupole mass
    Frajuca C.
  78. Storaged mechanical energy in electromecanical flywheels with different relations of carbon fiber as reinforcement
    Frajuca C.
  79. Theory of the multilayer thin anisotropic shells, based on the asymptotic analysis of the general equations for the elasticity theory
    Dimitrienko Y. , Gubareva E. , Pichugina A.
  80. Neural network model of mathematical knowledge and development of information and educational environment for mathematical training of engineers
    Dimitrienko Y. , Gubareva E.
  81. Reconsideration of Continual and Statistical Mechanics in Terms of Scalar Deformation Variables
    Ryabov V.
  82. Features of ground surface influence calculation to estimations of radio wave propagation conditions.
    Korolev A. , Sorokin B.
  83. Advanced virtual laboratories of electromagnetism using a mobile game development ecosystem
    Gonzalez J. , Escobar J. , Sánchez H. , Beltrán J. , De La Hoz J. , Arciniegas S. , Martínez L.
  84. Hydrodynamics singularities associated with a static or moving three-phase contact line
    Kiryushin V.
  85. Minimization of a Mismatch Time of Movement of Actuators of a Throttle Synchronization System
    Bushuev A. , Ivanov M. , Korotaev D.
  86. Boundary Value Problem for a Higher Order Equation with Changing Time Direction
    Fedorov V.
  87. Modeling the process of formation of fractal structures in thin films
    Fedosimova A. , Dmitrieva E. , Lebedev I. , Temiraliev A. , Temiraliev T. , Abishev M. , Baitimbetova B. , Ryabikin Y. , Serikkanov A.
  88. Parallel implicit matrix-free CFD solver using AMR grids
    Pavlukhin P. , Menshov I.
  89. The anisosphere model: a novel differential phase space representation for Foucault pendulums and 2D oscillators
    Verreault R.
  90. Anisosphere analysis of the equivalence between a precessing Foucault pendulum and a torsion pendulum
    Verreault R.
  91. Uncertainty quantification in the optimization routine for X-ray differential phase contrast imaging system based on Talbot effect
    Smirnova K. , Gogolev A. , Chistyakov S. , Filatov N. , Rezaev R.
  92. MHD Natural Convection Ferrofluid Flow in Semi-Annulus Enclosures
    Oglakkaya F. , Bozkaya C.
  93. Stability and performance of FDK algorithm for CBCT in multithreaded implementation.
    Kussainov A.
  94. Thermally excited vortical flow in a microsized liquid crystal volume
    Shmeliova D. , Zakharov A. , Pasechnik S.
  95. Analysing of Acoustic Attenuation Spectra of Metaphosphate Ion Conductive Glasses
    Hockicko P.
  96. Features of ion localization in the 5-HT3 receptor revealed by Langevin dynamics simulation
    Garbuz A. , Boronovskiy S. , Nartsissov Y.
  97. A study of the double edge cracks and a central crack in an orthotropic strip under the tensile loads
    Singh P.
  98. A computer simulation of phosphate activated glutaminase mitochondrial membrane localization using a multi-compartment kinetic approach
    Kazmiruk N. , Boronovskiy S. , Nartsissov Y.
  99. A deterministic multifractal model for complex structures
    Anitas E.
  100. Simulation of the electromagnetic wall response during Vertical Displacement Events (VDE) in ITER tokamak
    Atanasiu C. , Zakharov L. , Lackner K. , Hoelzl M.
  101. Diagnostics of electromagnetic waves in the vacuum
    Vshivkova L. , Vshivkov V. , Dudnikova G.
  102. The stochastic modeling of proton pumping in cytochrome c oxidase: the contribution of the K-channel
    Titova V. , Boronovskiy S. , Mazat J. , Ransac S. , Nartsissov Y.
  103. Mathematical model of successful research activities for technical university students
    Fedorova M. , Tsyguleva M. , Vinnikova T. , Kirnosov V.
  104. Numerical analysis of the applicability of engineering linear models of inelastic behavior and fracture for the description of porous rocks under confined conditions
    Astafurov S. , Grigoriev A. , Shilko E.
  105. Simulated Symmetry in a Mental Model of Kinematics of Special Relativity in Liquid Environment
    Matveev V.
  106. A surface-potential-based drain current model suitable for poly-Si thin film transistors with thin body and thin gate oxide
    Zhu Z. , Chu J.
  107. Mathematical model operation of an electric field in the nonuniform mediums at intubation by a direct current
    Dimitrienko Y. , Krasnov I. , Zubarev K. , Ivanova T.
  108. Universal models for effective constitutive relations of laminated composites with finite strains
    Dimitrienko Y.
  109. Application of wavelet analysis to the analysis of geomagnetic field variations
    Riabova S.
  110. Modelling of growth of syntactic relations network in English and Russian
    Bochkarev V. , Shevlyakova A. , Lerner E.
  111. Effect of flexoelectricity on the Fréedericksz transition in chiral nematics with negative dielectric anisotropy
    Oskirko A. , Ul'yanov S. , Val'kov A.
  112. Model of the global distribution of the total electron content based on deep dense convolutional autoencoder
    Khristoforov S. , Bochkarev V.
  113. Application of the LASSO algorithm for fitting the multiexponential data of the NMR relaxometry
    Bochkarev V. , Tyurin V. , Savinkov A. , Gizatullin B.
  114. Evolutionary Integro-Differential Equation Solution of Self-Consistent Beam Dynamics in Dielectric-Filled Wakefield Accelerating Structure
    Sheinman I.
  115. Plasmonic waves in two-dimensional electron gas
    Aya Baquero H.
  116. The Dynamic of Trapped Bose-Einstein Condensate Under Noise
    Tosyalı E. , Aydogmus F.
  117. Rocking behaviour of freestanding objects
    Gesualdo A. , Iannuzzo A. , Monaco M.
  118. Dynamic shear behaviour of truss towers for wind turbines
    Gesualdo A. , Guadagnuolo M. , Penta F.
  119. Numerical enhancements for robust Rényi decomposable minimum distance estimators
    Kus V. , Kucera J. , Morales D.
  120. A study on peristaltic flow of micropolar fluids: an application to sliding hiatus hernia
    Chandra S. , Pandey S.
    Baidganov A. , Petrova T. , Baruzdina O. , Maksimova O. , Egorov V. , Maksimov A.
  122. The parallel Wang-Landau algorithm for joint density of states calculation
    Egorov V. , Maksimova O. , Baidganov A.
    Fernandes C.
  124. Inverse fixed energy scattering problem for nonlinear Schrodinger operator
    Serov V.
  125. Utility Maximization for an Investor with Asymmetric Attitude to Gains and Losses over the Mean-Variance Efficient Frontier
    Sidorov S. , Faizliev A. , Smolov F. , Korotkovskaya E. , Vlasov A.
  126. Chaotic polynomial maps
    Zhang X.
  127. Molecular modeling of dynamic properties of the carrier protein from the yellow mealworm Tenebrio molitor
    Kusmaev A. , Kots E. , Kienskaya K. , Sardushkin M.
  128. Spectral density of three-dimensional Ising model
    Kryzhanovsky B. , Litinskii L.
    Gubaidullina T. , Ivanova N. , Absalyamova S. , Yerina T.
  130. Orientation dependence of the dislocation segment vibration spectrum
    Bataronov I. , Dezhin V.
  131. Probability analysis of mammalian glutamate transporter functioning
    Zagubnaya O. , Boronovskiy S. , Nartsissov Y.
  132. Conjugate problems of 3-D aerogasdynamics and thermomechanics of high-speed aircraft structures
    Dimitrienko Y. , Zakharov A. , Koryakov M.
    Krasnov I. , Salnikova A.
  134. Some aspects of investigation of limit cycles of FitzHugh-Nagumo oscillator with degree memory
    Lipko O. , Parovik R.
  135. Two-scale modeling of spatial flows of gas and weakly compressible liquid in porous composite structures
    Dimitrienko Y. , Bogdanov I.
  136. Research of the stability of some hereditary dynamic systems
    Parovik R.
  137. Note on the impact of slope on smoke spread in tunnel fire conditions
    Glasa J. , Valasek L. , Weisenpacher P.
  138. Oscillation equation of two adjacent dislocation segments
    Dezhin V.
  139. Methods of Multidimensional Continuum Mechanics for Economy
    Dimitrienko Y. , Dimitrienko O.
    Timofeev V.
  141. Savitzky-Golay filtering for Scattered Signal De-noising
    Selver A. , Secmen M. , Zoral Y.
  142. On Diversity and Complementarity of Pedestrian Detection Models
    Toprak T. , Belenlioglu B. , Dogan S. , Aydın B. , Selver A.
  143. The electromagnetic field ground state and the cosmological evolution
    Meis C.
  144. Hydrostatics and stability of a floating elliptical cylinder with surface tension effects for different eccentricities and Bond numbers
    Zhang F. , Zhou X.
  145. Interval forecast of financial indicators of a company value based on a regression on principal components
    Yakupova N. , Kadochnikova E. , Zulfakarova L. , Zapparova Z.
    Rakhmatullina D. , Larionova N. , Varlamova J. , Zulfakarova L.
  147. Ising-like model applied to a triangular lattice of 2D spin-crossover nanoparticles: evidence of a re-entrant phase transition
    Linares J. , Sahbani I. , Dahoo P. , Boukheddaden K.
  148. Optimization of the flight program of a passenger aircraft taking into account operational limitations and the influence of climatic factors
    Mozzhorina T. , Gubareva E.
  149. Stability of axisymmetric CMC surfaces as steady states for the evolution by surface diffusion
    Kohsaka Y.
  150. Determination of velocities of wave propagation in some media through the eigenvalues of the material tensors
    Matevossian H. , Nikabadze M. , Ulukhanyan A.
  151. Computer modeling of self-ignition delays of methane-alkane mixtures
    Arutyunov A. , Troshin K. , Nikitin A. , Beliaev A. , Arutyunov V.
  152. Spectral Portraits in the Semi-Classical Approximation of the Sturm-Liouville Problem with a Complex Potential
    Shkalikov A. , Tumanov S.

Papers from IC-MSQUARE 2017

  • COMSOL simulation of an attenuated magnetic field through a metallic plate
    A. Touazi, I. Dergham, Y. Alayli, L. Chassagne, J. Linares
  • Modeling of the densification of silver particles during sintering at controlled pressure and temperature
    M N Khiat, X Wang, L Benabou, L Chassagne and J Linares
  • Size effect on the three state thermal hysteresis of a 2D spin crossover nanoparticles
    S.E. Allal., D. Sohier, T. Dufaud2,, C. Harlé, P. R. Dahoo, J. Linares
  • Study of spin-conversion compound nanoparticles in the atom- phonon coupling model including a surface effect
    J. A. Nasser, L. Chassagne, Y. Alayli, J. Linares, F. de Zela